About Me

It’s always difficult to describe oneself. While wishing to appear completely perfect in all ways, our friends will be quick to point out our sea of imperfections. Therefore, I will save them the trouble. I am the eternal optimistic and a hopeless romantic. At age 12, I stayed up all night until I finished reading Gone With the Wind. I am single and my current love interest is Jamie Fraser on Outlander.

I am a travel agent and take lovely groups to Europe each year. This year, I am taking 30+ women to Scotland, Sept. 5-16 to look for Jamie Fraser. If I find him, I won’t be back. For the past 10 years or so, I have written a newspaper column, Over the Edge, which I am always am. I love great food, chocolate, coffee, a fantastic bargain and products that do what they say they will do. My drug of choice (after chocolate) is HGTV and one day, I will definitely knock down a wall somewhere. The Hallmark Channel is the only place I can be guaranteed a happy ending, and I need one.

Thank you for stopping by! Please come and again and if you enjoy my posts, tell your friends!

Diane Blanco