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Good day, Dear Reader:

I have some marvelous news that I just discovered in the latest issue of Oprah Magazine, “You don’t have to be thin to be chic”. It is the message I have been waiting to hear since someone told me post-baby fat is just fat– when your youngest is 10. Part of the problem is that we have fixated on the Victoria Beckhams and their skinny sister models and movie stars and not role models like our favorite billionaire, Oprah. She gets us.

Oprah knows that we are fighting gravity, hormones, and genes. Forget that if you live in a place like Houston, Texas you could be tempted by a different restaurant every night of the year. Besides, our crazy lives leave little time to make those great scratch dinners we see on the Food Network! I’ve spent a small fortune purchasing those exotic ingredients only to have them die in my fridge because I never had time to cook them!

Our life is complicated. Pioneer women had hard lives on the prairie but they never had a VCR that permanently blinked 12:00, or an IPhone that lost all your contacts, or a smoke alarm mounted on a 12 foot ceiling  that goes off in the middle of the night when you only have a 6 foot ladder! Their wagons never had to be inspected and they didn’t have to fight the kids to put on their seat belts. You never worried that junior would become to addicted to (fill in the blanks):  1.  stick ball, 2. shoveling manure, 3. pitching hay, or 4. milking cows.

Lipstick Digest is my venue to share ideas and products that might make life a little simpler, prettier and just more fun! I hope you will share with me your ideas as well.

Tip for today:  The sun is not our skin’s friend! Save your money on sunscreen by purchasing the Equate brand SPF 50 sold at WalMart. It is cheap and Consumer Reports gives it a score of 99 and the cheapest per ounce at $5.00 for 8 oz. Trader Joe’s SPF 50  gets 100 at $6.00 for 6 oz., but not everyone has a Trader Joe’s, sadly.

Tips:  Water-resistent means it works for 40 to 80 minutes of sweating or swimming, which means it must be re-applied every 2 hours. Apply it 15 minutes before exposure for best absorption. Use about an ounce–it should fill your palm to do someone’s whole body. Consumer Reports, July 2018.

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